Saturday, September 11, 2010

How my computer tricked me.

Hello friends!
In keeping up with my promise to not ever, ever, never, ever wait 1 month and 3 days before I compose a blog entry, here I am!
It begins with me tinkering with the blog itself and chewing on the idea of what to write about. 
That interesting rerun of House perhaps?
What I ate for dinner?
A self-help for ashy elbows?
No. None of those would do. I needed something good, something funny, something I was proud of.

So, I was tinkering some more, adding new music to the music player and pondering the big question. I kept looking at the time and thinking, "It's sure getting late, nearly 10:00 post meridium" But, I chugged away trying to build inspiration from the songs I was adding and simultaneously listening to. 


Bravo went from what I thought would be an all night House marathon to Law and Order (BLECH) so I changed it. 
When I did that, magic happened. I saw the time. 
2:30 AM!!!! WHAT!?!?
So I looked at the clock on my computer and.....

You sir, are a liar.

And you have shaken me to my core.

Goodbye, until some other real or fake time.


  1. That's hilarious! Has happened to me before too. Hope you got good sleep for the few hours you got to sleep. :)