Saturday, August 28, 2010

One month, three days.

It has been exactly one month and three days since I last blogged. I am both very sorry for you, and absolutely ashamed of myself.
As I mentioned one month and three days ago (I know you remember) We have been pretty busy around here.
Momma Reekie, as I have just nicknamed myself this very second has been VERY busy!
First, we adopted a dog, to torment and insistently lick the faces of all who enter. She's been perfect. Although, I almost considered "regifting" her today when Jason said, "Penny dug up a pretty nice sized bone outside" and as I spoke to say "gross." she licked the inside of my mouth. That is to say our tongues danced an unnatural  dance. That is to say, my dog french kissed me. Even though things have grown awkward between us, I forgave her.

Also, Mr. Momma Reekie and actual Momma Reekie BOUGHT A HOUSE!! We're still "potterizing" it and hope to be disturbing the peace in suburbia very, very soon. The Mister claims that the house is equipped  with a "third floor" but I proclaim it is simply an attic. (I am always right.) So, we compromised and our house comes fully loaded with a third floor attic. (Weirdly, no new house smell.)

Additionally, Momma Reeks is officially employed! I wish I could say that enough time has gone by that I totally understand my work and am confident in what I do. I can't. But, I am having fun and I feel like a real member of society again.

Bittersweetly, Our oldest, our firstborn, our jokester, our only daughter, our wittle wady wizzy woo has gone off and done the worst thing imaginable!! ...She's starting school. Preschool. AND turning four exactly one day before she walks through the double doors of freedom, independence and knowledge (Snack time, too)
I am getting so verklempt just talking about it. I had to go "school shopping" a few weeks ago. SCHOOL SHOPPING!! Doesn't she know what she is doing to me?

Lastly, The Potter's wanted to share some pretty big news with you.
We're adding a Peanut Potter. Another April baby!
This time I am being 100% honest with you. (almost 0% in previous posts) Baby Potter Peanutter or Peanutess is due to arrive April 29th. In addition to excitement, happiness, morning sickness and love we're also filled with excitement, happiness, fear and love.

Thank you for allowing me to catch up. And thank you for not egging my house for keeping you waiting so long.
I promise the next time we talk will not be in one month and three days.

Have a great weekend everybody!
If you have kids starting school or heading back to school, kindly ground them in my honor.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading and thinking of all you have been up to. School, new house, and pregnancy on top. Congrats, congrats, congrats. Wishing you all kinds of happiness on this new journey!!!!

  2. Girl you have been busy! Congrats on the new house, new bundle coming, and Izzy going to school. School agers are really fun, but it IS a big transition. You will love it!