Monday, July 26, 2010

Lacy and Penny

This my friends, is a dog-gone good entry if you ask me! (My husband is the pun-maker. This is literally the best I can do.)

About 2 weeks ago Roman and I were driving to this little health food store located at.....okay, okay we were going to Wal-mart. Anyway, just as we were turning to get on the highway I noticed a little dog on the side of the road. This dog looked both scared and in serious danger of getting hit. I immediately called my cousin, Lacy to help me out.
Now, anybody who knows my cousin Lacy knows that dogs, cats, horses, birds, lizards, frogs, ants, bugs, bats, and probably even two headed snakes hold a special place in her heart. This chick loves animals. I mean it. This chick adores animals. Lacy is basically the voice of love, help and protection for all the animals in our area. She's saved and changed so many lives. She really is an amazing person.
Within ONE HOUR Lacy had rallied her troops (her mother) and the little "side of the road dog" was "safe in the backseat dog". Not long after that she went from "backseat dog" to "getting a full work up at the vets dog." I knew calling Lacy was a good idea, but I didn't know big of an impact that call had on me and our family.
Turns out, this dog had quite a tragic story to tell. The vets guessed that she was about 14 months and had already given birth to about six puppies. Although we never found the puppies, or the people who so inhumanely dropped her off, I like to think this story has a pretty great ending.

WHY!? Well isn't it obvious? BECAUSE WE ADOPTED HER!!

Our little doggy is so patient, and loving and calm and wonderful and amazing and out of this world cute that the vets dubbed her "Patience" Which is, absolutely fitting. This dog is amazing! EVEN Emma loves her!
Of course, once she became a Potter we had to give her a proper Potter name.
So now, the moment you've all been waiting for...
We'd like to introduce you to Penelope (Penny) Potter

She doesn't even care that my floor are always littered with toys, cups and kids. (I think she prefers it!) 

Penelope Potter's first glamor shot. 

Eww Izzy kisses or Eww Penny kisses? You decide. 

A close up of the only brown eyed girl in this house. She ALSO loves cuddling with Mr. P
(I'm okay with it.)

Mighty fine lookin' brood you have there puppy paws Potter

In closing, today has been wonderful. The kids love her, I adore her and even Mr. P (the cat lover) is enjoying some cuddle time with Penny. She really is a wonderful addition to our growing family.

Lacy, your unending love, devotion and your limitless advocacy for animals saved Penny, and since she is now a Potter that means you saved one of my kids. I can't thank you enough, my friend. I vow to always take care of her and love her the way she deserves. I promise you, she will be well taken care of, smothered in love, walked daily and given smooches and a belly rub several times a day.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be Penny's forever home.


  1. Oh my gosh....I love this. "drying my tears".... I think you will make great parents to your new family member and Once Erica sets her mind on something it gets done well. Enjoy! Terry Wells

  2. Congrats on the dog!! But what REALLY has me about this post, is the last picture. The picture where Roman is STANDING!! :) Now THAT brought a smile to my face!

  3. I love you guys. There couldn't be a more perfect family for Miss Penny Lane!!!


  4. I am so happy Penny has found a real loving home. I saw her photo on facebook and a few days later posted to asked about her. I believe Lacy posted to let me know about Penny and your blog!! Hat's off to you! Can't even imagine dropping a dog...who knows about her past, we know she has a happy future!
    Lorie Jo!