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I'm so excited to see so many of my friends amazing blogs, and mine too listed on! I love that our voices are being heard!

This blog is an amazing resource for people living with SB and especially mothers of children with SB. I just love it, and I know you will too!

You all remember the Potter giveaway, right?
Check out the site that made our contest possible!
Our friends at UrbanUpcycling have the cutest goodies, and donate to the SBA, so we totally 
LOVE THEM! (Click that, visit them.)


It's not all skulls and crossbones! A lot of my friends need shirts, hoodies, onsies, stickers, and things of the like. Screaming Ink is your ONE STOP shop. Seriously, these guys are amazing at what they do! Visit screaming ink today! (Click that and say "hi" to my hubs)

Screamingink button

Not only is she one heck of a photographer, she's one of my favorite people AND recently she donated her time and amazing talent for The Make a Wish Foundation and I Glow For Kids. This woman does it all! Click here and you'll soon be as amazed as I am by her.

Bridgets Button

One of my oldest friends in the world, Kernal Tubbs! Although, I just call him "J.R." I can't stress this enough, if you're in the Ohio area you need to stop into FX Tattoo and get yourself inked by this gentleman. Jason's recent tattoo is just a permanent reminder of how jealous I am that he got his Kernal Tubbs tattoo before me! Hmmphh!
Visit J....I mean, Kernal Tubbs by clicking, here

This is my new favorite place to be!! This woman literally does it all. Literally. I bet she doesn't even know how to burn toast!! PSH! Seriously, if you travel, work, have kids, have a business, have a pulse, have a clue you will check out her facebook page and see the ADORABLE things she has to offer. As for me, I've got some babyshower gifts to order..see ya!


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