Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Hey friends!

I don't have one subject matter to talk about tonight. More like a gaggle of separate thoughts that in no real way are related. But, that's the way my brain works...or doesn't work. I'll let you decide. 

The first major event: Roman had his 6th surgery. Ear tubes! However, this surgery was so mild and so quick that I don't feel comfortable calling it a surgery. I've been referring to it as a "procedure" and will continue to do so from now on. 
 He did so well, he was sweet and charming the heads off of the nurses, like he tends to do. He always finds a way to make them laugh. 
This was our first experience with the famed "Happy Juice" that we've heard about before. They give it to kids over the age of one to ease the hand off from parent's loving arms to surgeon's cold hands. BOY, it sure worked. Roman a word...drunk. Very, very drunk. The scary thing is, he seemed to LOVE that state of mind. He would look at his hands and just wave them around and laugh like each finger was a different clown face telling him hilarious baby jokes that only he would understand. Drunk baby. 

After we exchanged our hugs and kisses Jason and I walked to the waiting room, It was full of sad and worried faces. We've made those same faces many times before. But not today, we had so much confidence and were actually delighted that Roman was having this...procedure. It was long overdue. 
We stayed with the sad families for about 7 minutes and then we got the call that Roman was in recovery and to come on in. Within an hour he was awake, within 20 minutes we were on our way home. 
Given the circumstances, it was a great day. Roman is doing fantastic, he's been a lot happier and actually seems to be hearing MUCH better. He plays with his toys as if it's the first time he's seen them. The Potter parents are happy parents.

The next order of business is...we close on our house IN ONE MONTH!!!
I am beside myself with happiness and glee! Town, town, we'll live in town!!
Do you guys remember the long lost miracle of "layaway?" Well, apparently  Kmart and TJMaxx are the only stores on the face of this earth that still participate. Which means, goodbye forever, Wal-mart

My third order of business is...Candlelight Red. I can't thank you guys enough for voting for my big, fat brother. As much as I appreciate it, I know he and the rest of the guys are just as thankful. Stay tuned for the results of the winner. The response from you guys has been totally overwhelming. I can't wait to see who wins this!!

 I hope everybody has a fun and safe 4th of July!! Happy Independence Day America!!!

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