Monday, July 5, 2010

The envelope, please....


I am so thankful for your help! Your voting has not only kept the band in the running to open for KISS, but it also put them at #42 on the top 50 most demanded band list. That's HUGE, you guys. I know they are thankful, and so am I.

I know I've kept you all waiting, I'm sorry. I had also mentioned that a celebrity would announce the winner via vlog entry. Next time, I'll have him sign something. How dare he work and take care of his family instead of coming to my house and creating a vlog for my blog? Some people's kids. pshh!

But, something tells me you don't care how it's presented to you, you guys have worked hard and want to meet the winner, am I right? (hint: almost always, ask Mr. Potter)

For each time you tagged me, that was one time your name went into a hat. And then for fun, I gave an additional 10 entries to the person who wrote and tagged me in a "note" on Facebook. That really turned the heat up.
Some of your names went into the hat a mere 3 times, some went in 12 times and some...well over 20 times!!

All of your names went into a big ole hat and the winner is...


congrats Christie! You've won a Candlelight Red T-shirt and some sweet Jagermeister swag!
e-mail to redeem your prize!

Thanks to everybody who entered!!

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