Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A kissing contest

It seems like yesterday I was swinging the basement door open in a flash to yell, "MOM SAID YOU HAVE TO STOP NOW!" Which in turn would create a unanimous "ughhhhh" sound from my brother's band wailing out covers and originals in the basement. 
Weirdly, not a lot has changed. My brother still lives to perform, his band has caught some serious fame and even a sponsorship from Jagermeister!! 
In fact, I may actually be their biggest fan. Which is why I am taking a moment to not talk about spina bifida, my feelings or even our fat cat, Emma. 
I'm going to devote this entry, as tacky and shameless of a plug it might be to BEG my faithful readers for their help in getting my brother and his phenomenal band to open for...are you ready? KISS!

It's a simple vote in which you demand them to play in your area, and trust me, you want them to play in your area! 
 But, begging friends isn't really my thing. I like to offer incentive, I like to make it fun, I like to boogie. 

It's contest time!! 

The prize will of course be, awesome Candlelight Red and jagermeister swag! I've seen people come close to rioting over this stuff. It's a hot ticket item and one of a kind! 

The rules:
and sign up!

Answer a few short questions...

Go to Pittsburgh, PA and find Candlelight Red.... (at this point it's going to try and walk you through a bunch of stuff you don't need. Solution? Forget that noise and click on... 

Demand them...


Now, and this is the biggest part of all, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Share this on facebook and tell everybody that you're the coolest cat in cool town because you voted. But, in order for me to count you, you MUST tag me in your post so that you can be entered in the contest. To do that, simply type @ and The Potter 4.0 blog or Erica Hoke. (Once you type in the @ symbol and start typing my name it will fill it in for you.)

THAT'S IT! you're entered! You can vote everyday and you'll be entered each time also. (as long as I am tagged EACH time)

Now, remember when I said I like to boogie? 
It's because I do! 

I'm adding a little something extra special for you fine, young folks. 

In addition to the entries you can earn daily by demanding the band and then tagging me in your status I am offering 10 extra entries for all the people who A: add a write up in your blog or B: add a write up in the notes section on facebook and include as many friends as allowed. I don't care how you choose to tell people to vote, but the bottom line has to be to VOTE FOR CANDLELIGHT RED!!

This contest is running from NOW (June 24th) until July 1st. REaDy, set, GO!!

Ryan, Jeremy, Josh, Adam: I don't know many bands or guys who are as kick butt as you. You deserve this win and so much more. Thank you for always providing this frumpy housewife with a rocking good time. I wish you all the success in the world. If anybody can do it, it's you

Now, for all of my friends wondering "who the heck are these guys?" I've included the video for their hit, "Closer" I BEG you to not watch it over and over. This song is going to get stuck in your head, I promise. 

Now, because their is some slight blood splatter and my brother gets shot directly in the chest I feel it is my motherly duty to say VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. 

End transmission. 

I'm a creep. or a mother, same thing really.
I neglected to give some credit to Wade Spencer, the mastermind and creator of the guys' video. Check out his stuff on Myspace and see for yourself why the word "mastermind" is actually pretty perfect.

Click here for his Myspace page. 

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