Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the interest of Father's Day

Father's day is here.
This has always been one of those days where some kids can't wait to make their dad something special, and other kids sit around and hate the kids who are making those special things.
For some people, Father's Day is just another day, but I think I'm one of the lucky ones-because I was one of the kids who made the most glitterific, glue covered works of art. For my daddy.

Dear Dad:
Do you remember a long, long time ago, back when the only thing we watched on TV was CMT? we heard a song that really spoke to us. I believe it was Brad Paisley's first big song. The lyrics spoke volumes to our unique family grouping.

"Lookin' back all I can say
About all the things he did for me
Is I hope I'm at least half the dad
That he didn't have to be"

You didn't have to be my dad. You didn't have to love me, support me, come to my chorus concerts, teach me to drive, or buy me a car. But, you did. You loved Ryan and I as if we were your own. 

I attribute Ryan's loyalty to his family, his devotion to his children and his love for life-all to you. He was not the easiest child to raise, I'm sure. I know being his sister was quite the chore! But, he grew up to be such an amazing man, and you're to blame. 

I'm sure I'll be paid back threefold for the way I acted as a teenager. My favorite thing in the world was to see how mad I could make you. I know I've said it before, I'm sorry. teenage girls, can't live with em! 

Dad, what I'm trying to say is, I love you. You'll always be my daddy. I will always be your little girl. Thank you, for being the dad you didn't have to be. 


Okay, keeping up with the theme of tears and breaks for sobbing, I have one more letter. To a father who has changed my adult life, forever. 

Living in this small town has it's downfalls and it's perks. The downfall is of course, everybody knows your business. The perk is, you know pretty much everybody. (and their business!)
That actually was not the case for Mr. Potter and I, who spent countless years living less than one block away from each other and never meeting. 

It wasn't until years later, when I was barely legal and he was barely available that we met, kissed, fell in love, had a baby, got married, and had another baby. 

Every passage from 18 to 26 Jason has shared with me. My first job, voting, our first apartment, our first cat, my first Labatt Blue, all of the various crafts, hobbies, hair colors, and trends I went through, Jason was there. 

Of course we had our hiccups, every relationship does. It's our constant love and downright obsession with each other that has made us so strong and still happily together after all these years. 

Dear Jason:
 Hello, friend. I have to be honest, just writing your name makes me teary eyed. Because I know how hard writing this is going to be. I'm afraid once I start writing I'll go on for days and share the most mundane events of our lives. Although precious to us, they might prove a little trivial to our friends reading along. 
I remember I used to think that I wasn't the dating kind, I wasn't meant for marriage and I certainly wasn't meant to be a housewife. I wanted kids, sure. But I never imagined I'd give a hoot about being somebodies wife.
...And then there was you. 

The real fun began that fateful evening when we invited my parents over for sticky, tasteless, overcooked fettuccine alfredo and you asked my dad permission to marry me. Years later, we did it. We got married in front of a dozen people and the rest they say, is history. 

Or so I thought! I was prepared to settle into the same basic conversation at the dinner table, the same routine, the same apartment, the same movies, the same bedtime, the same old cat. 
But everything changed. Our children consumed our conversation, our lives consumed our time, I'd like to think our dinners have improved, and our days are ever changing. It just keeps getting more exciting!

Jason, You have taught me so much. You have loved me so much, and you have sacrificed and much. I never thought I could love this much. I didn't think the human body was capable of loving this much. 

Each day when I see you with our children or when you cuddle with me at night I fall in love with you even more, I never that I would say that, I never thought I would mean it. 

I love you so much, Mr. Potter

Thank you for loving me so much.

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  1. Erica, we as your family are very lucky to have you. U are an amazing mom sister friend Daughter and wife. When i am down i know i can always call my sister and you will be there no matter time or day.. it does not matter how bad of a time you are having you always try to make someone els smile.. I know we have not always been the best of sisters and we have had our bumps but the speed bumps are gone and in there path is a lot of love to lead our way. I love you Erica..... Thanks for being so great and giving me Great neice and nephew I love you .... Your Big sis Jes