Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dirty little knees

It seems Roman has really taken to his new title of "crawler extraordinaire" and truthfully, we still get a huge kick out of it too.
We're going to go ahead and chalk this up as another huge, massive, monumental achievement because well, we didn't think he'd be doing it...this soon. I mean, I hoped he would, assumed he would, said little prayers that he would. I think deep down I knew this day would come, but just not this soon. This boy has places to go. Cars to zoom, binkies to suck, hammers to ham, rattles to shake and blankets to hide under. He really can't be stopped.

Roman's crawling, is due in part to his overwhelming drive and desire to get the heck away from me, or sometimes, get the heck closer to me. But it's also in part, due to his very devoted, very driven and very cool physical therapist, Jen.
Jen visits Roman weekly and has been the one stronghold in his PT experiences. Some great ones have come and some great ones have gone, such is life. Jen has been there, for 13 months holding him up, working him well past nap time and making sure that when she leaves I fully understand what Roman and my homework is for the next week's visit. She offers great advice, and has access to the greatest equipment.
Surely you remember The great standing ovation entry?
Now, Jen has introduced us to....THE GAIT TRAINER!
It's basically a little motorcycle that Roman sits on, biker style, and we encourage him to take little steps...while standing. So far, he loves sitting in it, kind of "iffy" on the walking part. We'll get there.

I am overcome with joy with Roman's new form of transportation, I am. I wouldn't change anything about it. But..there is this one...tiny....little, itty, bitty thing....

I'm going to have to start cleaning my floors.....



  1. Loving it!!! Your a great Mom.. and dont worry about the floors.. you have more important things to do with Roman! Go Roman GO !!!!

  2. I. Love. It. Rock on Roman.

  3. This is awesome.... I read a qoute from FlyLady that said...Cleaning your house while your kids are young is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing! Hope you have a great day!

  4. Nothing wrong with dirty knees! Just give him a bath at some point. Go Roman!

  5. It looks like Roman is doing a pretty good cleaning job! It is cyclical...Erica cleans Roman, Roman cleans the floors, the floors clean...wait no that doesn't work

    Congrats on crawling!