Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The weekly walker.

  For months, I've been dreaming about the day that Roman would walk. I've been guarded in my dreaming, though. I know his first steps won't come without struggle and maybe even some heavy equipment. Sometimes I would dream about him walking with little arm crutches, sometimes with a walker and sometimes with no assistance at all. 

  These dreams don't usually make me sad, in fact they are actually quite empowering. However, in my dreams I just see him walking, I never see how I am reacting. So, lately I've been thinking about how I will or should react. 
Should I fall down and be hysterical with joy? Or should I take a more dignified approach and stay standing while turning into a hysterical, useless bowl of raw emotion? I mean, those would definitely be fun and honestly they are very fitting. I've been told that I err on the dramatic side. 

  Today our buddy Roman was suspended from a contraption that is clearly from the future and placed on a treadmill where two physical therapist sat, for 15 minutes solid and "walked" him. 
It felt so good to see him upright and walking, I loved even more seeing that he wasn't letting the ladies do all the work. He got a few good stomps all by himself and even though he was absolutely exhausted he stayed with us. Well, where could he go, I mean really? 

While Roman was snoozing on our two hour ride home I got a chance to reflect on the days events and realized that this gave me a little taste of how I might react when it's time for "the real thing." I didn't fall into a heap of over-dramatic sobs, sniffles and wails of joy. I didn't even cry standing up. In fact my friends you'll be surprised to know that I didn't cry at all. I took the high road and smiled, made jokes, and took a few grainy pictures from my phone.

Speaking of pictures, where are my manners? All of this time I've been yapping on about myself and haven't even mentioned how Roman felt about the whole ordeal. Some people, so rude. 

Exhibit A: The first thing that our eyes are attracted to is the 5 inch stream of drool that is falling onto that public treadmill. Fifteen straight minutes of screaming in protest will do that to a mini Chuck Norris in training.

Exhibit B: This is what pleading from the eyes of a fourteen month old baby looks like. See Also: Desperation, Rage and Pooped.

Exhibit C: These boots were made for walkin' 

I should end this by telling you that this poor kiddo will be going through this torture every week for an unspecified number of months. It is my sincere hope that after a few more "strolls" he'll cozy up to the idea of being harnessed into a tight locking, diaper wedgie inducing suspended in mid-air contraption from the future. 
C'mon, doesn't sound that bad....


  1. Oh poor Roman!!! Some day he'll look back on this and thank you...even if he does hate it now. Give him smooches from me.

  2. He is one AWSOME boy.. who has some pretty AWSOME parents!!
    Colleen Mortimer

  3. wow what a day. and i totally get you on the how you would react stuff. i thought the same way, but in the end. i just sat like it was no big thing, because Toby does not like to show off. so i just sat when really i wanted to jump up and down

  4. What a GUY! Great job, to the entire family.

  5. So along with IZZYisms I think we should have You- isms. "being harnessed into a tight locking, diaper wedgie inducing suspended in mid-air contraption from the future. " I do think that soon he will enjoy actually enjoy his wedgie.... :) Hmm that sounds pretty bad too.

  6. How lucky you and Roman are to be able to do this therapy!! I have been trying for months to get Max in one of these torture devices. Good for you guys. So, did you resort to dancing around like an idiot to try to distract him from his displeasure? That's my usual tactic. So much for dignity.

  7. LOL I tried to dance and sing, nothing worked.
    Finally I even tried giving him my cell phone, something that usually rocks his world, but he pushed it away!

    Good luck getting Max into one, I hope you can soon! It's a pain in the hiney but, I think *knock on wood* that I am seeing results. I don't want to jinx myself yet. He's only done it twice.