Monday, March 29, 2010

A standing ovation?

I wish I had some monumental event take place that has kept me away for so long....

  • I was skiing the swiss alps! 
  • I got lost in space!
  • I was training my dragon! 
  • I was crossing the great divide!!

 Nope, none of those things. I was doing dishes, and folding laundry and slumping on the couch. I'm not ashamed to say I've been lazy. It's not a secret, I'm always kind of lazy.
When it comes to writing in here I try to keep it to the sad stuff and the happy stuff. I don't really know what to say for the  in-between stuff.
I guess, in a way, when you don't hear from me it can be assumed that life is happening, "normally." Which is something we try to embrace in the Potter household, it's almost never "normal" here.
But, the fact remains you ARE hearing from me, which can only mean ONE thing....I have news!!

Today, Roman got his stander! This, to me, the monumentalist of monumental events! (Even greater than training that dragon) In an effort to get Roman to lock his knees and work some muscles we're trying the trusty stander. A bridge that many of my wonderful SB moms have crossed.
I'm elated for many reasons, want me to share? Of course you do! The obvious, of course is that Roman, in a few short weeks will be able to show off the new muscles that he has gained with his fancy, shmancy contraption. Additionally, the fun, OH THE FUN that Isabelle and Roman will have with this thing. Just tonight she was pushing him all around and they were giggling fools. Finally, on a more selfish note, but sticking with the lazy theme, it will give me a place to park my little hip-hugger while I'm making dinner....or lazing...whatever. Don't judge me.

So, would you like to see pictures? I know you would. First, I need to give you the disclaimer. Is it weird that my family photos come with a disclaimer? Only a little.

First of all, Isabelle is 3 years old, and though we strongly urge her to wear pants in public we almost never enforce it in the privacy of our home. These pictures were taken while she was having a "pants-off" kind of moment. Since I am a lazy mother, and not an irresponsible one I went ahead and drew some pants on her. Don't pick on me.

                                                   Behind that bink? Biggest smile EVER.

                                       I love that my little ham-hocks love each other so much.

                                              This summer we'll be cruising the dunes!

March is ending, and I can say that I don't really think it came in with any lion-like properties or ended on any lamb-like notes. But, I can say that April is full of appointments, parties, events, fun, laughs, pictures, giggles and less lazy days for me. That is to say, you'll be hearing from me again real, real soon.

 Hoppy Easter everybunny!


  1. love the stander! that is so neat that it has a tray for Roman to pound on or play with a toy! And I have to agree that it is awesome that Izzy and Roman love eachother so much. Happy Easter to your family!

  2. SO Great!! Your blog is so funny, and I love the pics of your littles!! Keep it coming!