Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why I feel old

I feel so old today.

Last year I couldn't speak of an event to Isabelle until it was the DAY OF said event. She was too young to understand time, and unless I wanted to hear about it every hour I just kept my mouth shut. If you're a mother, new or old you have done this too. I know you have.

Today, Izzy helped me plan her own "potty party"  She helped me prepare the guest list and decide on what kind of cake to get, I even taught her what "e-vite" meant and she seemed to grasp the concept quite easily. When we marked on the calendar what day the party was.. that was it. That was the end of it. No fuss, no hounding, no "is it time" yets. My daughter...understands...time. Which in turn makes me feel incredibly old.

Nearly a year ago I was wondering what my son would be able to do. (It still seems like mere weeks.) I mean aside from the walking wonders I thought about his development and if he'd be able to say "mama" when all the other kids did. Would Roman be able to say "mama" at all? Tonight we played peek-a-boo with a blanket. I was in charge of the "peeeeek...uhhhhh...booooo" and he was in charge of moving his blankie over his head and off again. 
If you would have seen me last April and said, 'Hey..in a few months you and Roman will be playing peek-a-boo and he'll be gleefully shouting "mmaaammmaa!"" I would not believe you, I would probably start crying, call my mother and say "Can you believe future so and so said that to me" And then, because she knows I was then, and still am a total basket case she would say things like, "Oh my gosh, how dare they." or "What jerks." Just to pacify me.

 But it happened. My kids are getting big and strong and older. I can't stop them, and it makes me feel really, really old, and really, really sad.

We're gearing up for our daughter's "Potty Party." she is out of diapers, she is out of pull-ups and she isn't having middle of the night accidents. Our daughter is finally, a big kid. It took her a little longer than most, but she got it.
By the time we get done cleaning up from the Potty Party it will be time to start planning Roman's big fat first party. I don't think I'll be able to control myself. I'm having a hard time holding back tears as it is!

That's it, not a hugely informative or even interesting blog post. Just a random assortment of sad feelings. I need cheese.

And my clock is telling me that Valentine's Day was 2 days ago. We had a nice and quiet family day at home. It rocked. we hope yours rocked, too!

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