Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello friends!
It's been incredibly busy in the Potter house! The last we spoke I mentioned two major upcoming events. The first was our visit to Isabelle's head-start for "disabilities" week, Roman was the guest...I did the talking. The second was Isabelle's much anticipated potty party. I'm relieved to say both went really well and though we had a blast, I'm kind of glad that it's behind us.

When the Potter 3 showed up at head start the kids were all a flutter with curiosity when they saw "Izzy's momma and little brother" sitting on the carpet instead of waving goodbye to her. Mrs. B introduced Roman and I to the kids and asked them to remind her what they were talking about all week, totally out of unison I heard "Disabilities!" or "Disabwilerties?" or "Disa....truck!!" I knew right away we were going to have a lot of fun. 

It didn't last long, fifteen minutes at most, and I know I didn't get into it as much as I wanted, but these aren't my kids.  I don't know their sensitivity level. I didn't mention the shunt at all, I thought asking 3-5 year olds to comprehend a foreign device planted into my infant sons skull would be an order too tall. 
So I stuck to the basics, Roman's legs don't work the same way ours do, but he's learning new ways to do the things that we do. So, even though we are different, we're still the same...kind of. I used a much softer voice, and I wasn't as wordy. I was so afraid I would get too wordy.  
I knew there would be an "OH MY GOSH" moment, but I just didn't quite know what. Well, suffice it to say, that moment was made by none other than...Isabelle. One of the kiddies got a peek at Roman's back scar when he was rolling around and asked what it was. I explained that Roman had surgery and that was his scar, I also lied and told them it was really tiny but not to worry, it doesn't hurt him. Then I asked if any of them had scars and after we told each other about our scars the conversation morphed into Team Umi Zoomie.
While listening to one kid talk I watched Roman roll around from kid to kid as he made his rounds saying "hi." He was on his way over to his sister when the kid said something loud, I looked away for a second to listen to this kid and then disaster struck....I look over and see Isabelle holding up Roman's shirt and she is saying, "See!? This is his scar!!"  So much for telling them it was little! Once outed as a liar, I had lost all trust from my audience, it was time to go. Plus, Roman needed a new diaper. 

We had a great time, I'm glad we had the opportunity to talk about Roman's different legs and Roman's different shoes and let the kids see just how wonderful and NOT scary a different baby can be. Maybe I didn't teach everybody, but if one kid walks away just a little bit more tolerant of people with disabilities, then I do believe we can call that mission accomplished. 

That was Roman's first taste of cake, at Isabelle's POTTER PIZZA POTTY PARTY!!
Now, for those that are unaware of what a pizza potty party is, here is a brief tutorial, in simple math form.

Pee in potty+no accidents=pizza(+cake and ice-cream)X all of your friends + all of your family- a very scared cat. 

It was amazing!  friends and family from near and far came to celebrate something every child learns to do. She didn't write a book, or win an award, or speak a new language, she put her the toilet. I can try to tell myself they just came for the free cake and ice cream, but I think I'll stick with the same story I have for a long time. We're lucky, lucky people. 
 We don't usually celebrate mediocre accomplishments with a 70 dollar custom cake..Trust me, we don't. 
Potty training came very hard for Isabelle, after exhausting every effort we heard of, learned about, or read of we finally told her that we would have a HUGE party and invite all of her friends. Guys, please do not ever underestimate the memory of a 3 year old who has been pottying on her own for a solid month. Because one night you'll be visiting with your mother over coffee when you hear the angelic voice of your little big girl ask, "When is my potty party?" and then you have a week to make it happen. And that's just what I did. I mean...we. Jason helped, too. 
I think, or at least hope, that the Potter Pizza Potty Party made a big impact on our small potty-goers in training. All I learned was: Toilet cakes are delicious. Toilet paper doesn't twist as well as crepe paper and big kids, little kids and babies never tire from a good poopy diaper joke. 

Potty cake!

Look at the little roll!

It was a howling good time!

Happy peeing!

The Pee.4

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  1. this post cracked me up. what a wonderful idea to share his "different legs" and "different shoes"