Monday, February 8, 2010

An assortment of random things.

WOW! The last time I wrote in here we had 20 followers, and I figured maybe four (six at the most) were reading this thing. However, within a few hours we've gone from 103! I'm guessing that more than six of you are reading. Which is FANTASTIC, I love sharing our stories with you, and if I can make you smile in the process that makes it even more wonderful for me. It just means the editor is going to have to take extra care to correct my run-on sentences. The. Pressure. Is. On!!

We started this week off kind of messy. Isabelle caught the rumored stomach bug that the town has been talking about. I feel so bad for my little lady.  I absolutely hate it when she gets sick, it hits her hard. Although, I think I have to speak for all mothers of preschool aged children here; when our kids get sick, we get to experience something that was taken from us when our children turned about one and a half.....CUDDLE TIME! I mean sure, she was blowing chunks in my hair, who cares?! She's hugging me! This opportunity might not come again until the spring!

It's sick the way we delight in our childrens discomfort, but we're moms and as such we're addicted to hugs, pukey kisses and cuddle time, even if it's interrupted by periodic vomit breaks. That's my thought on the whole ordeal, I'm sure I'm not the only one. Actually, I kind of hope I'm not the only one, or else that whole passage just made me sound really, really weird.

In a less gross update Roman has mastered his new army crawling skill, and because of this I am no longer allowed to blink. Our little Romeo is...everywhere! This morning he smacked his head on the bookshelf, which of course caused me to explode with terrified emotion. Don't believe me? Ask my husband, mother, brother, the local EMT's and my dear friend Jessie how I reacted when Roman scratched the inside of his ear once.....I dare you...ask them. With each new milestone comes a new adjustment, I'm sure it won't take me long to baby-proof this place, that place, your place, her place.

Now for Potter 4.0 news:
As you all know, or should know, or have heard, or will hear, we're renting a big, fat, beautiful house from my sister. The thing is? It's only temporary. Well, it seems we *might* be making one more, final move. To a house.....of....OUR VERY OWN!! Mr. Potter and I met with a lender, we were pre-approved and now our realtor is helping us find the perfect place for us, or rather the price rangiest place for us. I think that makes sense, it shouldn't..but hot damn I think it does! The search creeps our son...slithering towards Izzy's sippy cup. Man, that kid loves apple juice!

I'm sorry for not apoligizing in advance for the gross content in this post. Not really, it needed to be said.
Have a great week everybody!!


  1. Maybe you should make your move to CHICAGO! Just a suggestion.

  2. Oh no, no, nooo You see, I'm what doctors call a "Scardy cat" lol