Thursday, February 4, 2010

My 19th post.

It's my 19th post! I'd celebrate my 20th but then it would feel like I was counting, and I'm not. I just saw tonight that I had 19. So, I thought I would give 19 it's 15 minutes of fame. 19 don't get no respect I tell ya, no respect!

For the most part number nineteen is going to read exactly the same as numbers 1-18. I'm going to talk about my family, I'm going to crack a few jokes, and I'm going to snack on chocolate chips while I type, erase, retype, spellcheck, take notes from my editor and zone out to watch South Park.

The only major difference is the subject matter. I'll be honest with you, this is something I did not expect to blog about for, well a couple more months, at least...

Good hook, the editor will be pleased...but what?! What happened??? You're biting your nails, you're sweating, you feel sick to your stomach. WHATTT HAPPENED?!?!

Roman army crawled.

This is an announcement I made, like 21 years ago when I was mistaking a series of large reaches for army crawling. Turns out, he was just reaching. Today, his physical therapist brought this silly little toy that he just goes "gaga" over. We put him on his knees and I got in front of him with said cool toy. He crawled so fast I was actually shocked to see this little guy slithering at me. Like a torpedo! Like a plane! Like a boat! Like a...a ...thing that crawls really fast in my general direction!

Bottom line, Roman continues to teach me new things.
Today I learned two things:
Repeatedly reaching for a toy that is just millimeters within your reach does not an army crawl make. The only thing that can be an army crawl, is a real darn army crawl!

Secondly, sometimes chocolate milk is a pretty darn good substitute for your bloggy chocolate fix when you've forgotten to restock your chocolate chip supply. Chocolate is amazing, in a solid, liquid or....gas?
The blog stops here.