Thursday, June 9, 2011


They're everywhere. 
Some rules are so important they are called, "laws" These aren't the kind of rules I'm talking about. These rules are governed by doctors, written in black and white and live in the pages of medical books. These rules tell a story about our children that are both inaccurate and very negative. 
These rules need to be broken. 

The rules of Spina Bifida say that our children aren't likely to do many things. Like stand...

Some rules are even so harsh they say our kids won't walk..

And surely running is out of the picture..

The rules of Spina Bifida say, "Your child will have some learning delays."

That probably means singing or speaking two languages is out of the question too, right?

Some rules say that scars aren't beautiful...

Somewhere, in some book it says people with disabilities can't make it to be our president, because it's a sign of weakness. I say, it's a sign of strength. 

The rules might have you believe that if our our kids can't run, neither will we. 

The rules may say that some kids with Spina Bifida may never ride a bike...

Spina Bifida comes with some "accessories." Some rules might suggest that making them look cool is a challenge..

The rules might imply that walking very FAR distances is just not going to happen..

Spina Bifida is not an easy diagnosis. Some books and some rules tell us to be careful, because this condition can easily tear families apart. 

These phenomenal kids and their amazing parents have gone to some great lengths to break some heavy rules. 
I consider them all my heroes.  


  1. I'm crying all over the place! LOVE THIS POST!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  2. Thank you for the early morning bawl. You have a gift Erica.

  3. Well Mrs. Potter, you have done it again! Great Post!

  4. Yay for rule-breakers!! :) Love it and ALL our little heros!

  5. OMG you made me CRY! Love it and you and all the kids who are making it happen, every day!

  6. This is fantastic. Redefining at it's finest!!!

  7. Love it! You need to put a picture of Cassie's Caleb on his new bike!!
    Dr's can be so "blind" and "ignorant" sometimes! I love those Dr's though who are still teachable... because our children are "schooling" the heck out of this diagnosis!!

  8. That was awesome! I'm so for breaking rules!
    You are right - favorite post! How fun was that to write?!

  9. Woo-hoo! Rebels all the way! Rules were made for breaking anyway...right?? Great post friend!!

  10. This was so cool. I remember every one of those posts too. They were very moving then and now! Too sweet to include an old momma. The kids are much cuter.