Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Golden Age is upon us!

When Roman first was evaluated/fitted for his walker there was snow on the ground. It was freezing and I feel like I blogged about it months ago-oh right, I DID. We have been waiting for HIS walker for such a long time, so long in fact that right around the time we had forgotten about it-it showed up.
While we played the wait game we were using a loaner walker from his PT at the hospital. It was the traditional chrome with red handle bars walker. Nothing flashy, nothing special, no bells, and certainly no whistles. We thought our "keeper" walker would show up with the same, except less beat up-maybe a shinier chrome. My hope was to call him, "Chromeo" and learn a rap song...

When I heard the UPS man leave, I quickly shuffled on the porch like a raccoon, grabbed the box and hurled it and me inside my door. I remember these events happening exactly like that, as I was bopping around the house in a tank top that day and wanted not for my neighbors to witness my see-through white skin. The mission was more of precision and speed than of strength. Which was very unfortunate for me. I am neither precise nor speedy..come to think of it-I'm not that strong either..

Anyway, once I was safely inside the shrouding confines of my house I delightfully started to open the box. Not carefully either, I really ripped that box apart. I used a ball point pen fearing a knife would do worse damage to me as I hacked into the box horror-movie style. What? I was excited. 

Once my arms stopped swinging and the bubble wrap made it's descent from the ceiling, there it was to eyes were slightly burning both from the pen stabbings and the brightness of what was inside the box. At first I thought, "Maybe this isn't the walker?"  I ruled that option out already, before its mutilation I was SURE that I saw the medical supply company listed as the sender on the box. "Maybe it's a special type of wrapping?" I touched it, it felt cold and there was definitely no wrapping. There was definitely no scratching, peeling, picking or altering the color that was laying in front of me. 

Roman was not getting the typical chrome with red handle bars walker...
Roman got...


Please forgive me my son. 

The Pimpin` Potters


  1. Yep, we are all too familiar with the shiny gold-tooth walker! This is what the ISD bought for Caleb to use at school, he eventually graduated to the shiny green walker this year! His walker for home is the standard silver with red handles. :) I have a friend who got the gold walker and actually painted it another color, so that is always an option if you can't live with the gold.

  2. We have the same one! Tried to cover it with stickers to make it a little more fun, but yes it sure is GOLD!