Friday, December 31, 2010

Mr. Potter's Lullaby

It's no major secret that Jason was the one who said the crazy 3 words first. He said them, "I love you." just like we've been saying them for years. But, it had only been weeks. I replied with..nothing...and the next day I said the same thing. I sang this song for a couple of weeks. He kept saying it and I kept nodding my head like, "Good to know, little buddy."
It's not that I didn't love him. Honestly, I loved him before he even knew who I was. I remember telling my friend, "I'm going to marry that man." her reply was, "I'm pretty sure he's already married" to which I replied, "details my friend...minor details."
At least I think that's how it went down..
I didn't wreck any homes, I didn't do anything shameful. I simply fell in love with a man in secret and when I heard that he and his....."room-mate" had decided to "live apart" I made my move.
I turned legal...err 18 on September 17th, 2003. On September 26th Mr. Potter and I made our way to the same party at a mutual friends house...We smooched to Candlebox's "Far Behind" and when it ended I asked him to play it again, because it was the only song I knew. It's not a very romantic song at all, in fact I think it's about suicide. But it's always been our song.
.....we listened to it about 6 times in a row before I told him it was time for me to go, and he walked me home.
I don't remember what we were doing or where we were or what I was wearing or even what we were  listening to, although let's be honest, it was probably Aerosmith. He had said, "I love you." In that carefree, "this is perfectly normal" tone that we had both grown comfortable with over the last few days....and I said it back. "I love you, too." Not because he wore me down or because I felt sorry that he had been saying such hugely important words to a brick wall. No, I replied because I meant it. I really did love him. I loved him before he knew me, I loved him when he kissed my forehead, I loved him when he walked me home and I loved him when he said loved me.

The next 8 years proved to be the most fun, the most weird and the most loving of my life. Fights, make-ups, break-ups, throw-ups, marriage, kids, mortgage, cell phone bills and long, long talks and even longer kisses. Every memory, every moment, every ounce of our life together is my favorite. The good, the bad, the ugly, the morning breath-They are our memories, our moments, our life and your morning breath. I hope we stay this happy, this comfortable, this in love until....

Happy Anniversary, Jason. I love you, too.

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  1. Congrats! I love this post...thanks for sharing it...and thanks for bringing back some Candlebox. I miss them. They still live in a shoebox under the bed w/ all my other cassettes. I think I'll go find them now. :)