Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to: NOT be nice at Christmas

 I realize that at Christmas time you're supposed to be extra nice, extra polite and extra cheery. For the most part, I am all of those things. I mean, after all, I ADORE Christmas. It's my favorite time of year! This year it's even extra super special because we're celebrating it for the first time in our very own- our name is on the deed- don't drink in the living room- I can't believe how much paint we bought- house.
So, you understand that in writing this and in sharing this I feel a bit like..scrooge. I mean, how can somebody so in love with the holidays share something this tragic and spread the yuletide horror?
 I have been complaining about this woman for a long time now. Not because I think I can do better than her, because I tried, and trust me I can not. But because it shocks me that the Food Network basically let's this woman get good and drunk and then "bake" things on a whim. I tried my hand at cake baking and guess what? I was bad at it. So I stopped. Because that's what you're supposed to do!
 Sometimes when I watch her (for entertainment purposes only) I think, "wow, she is really just making this up as she goes." I have shared a lot of her youtube videos on my facebook and would like to share this one.(again)
Because it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holidayish things.

If you have small kids in the room, please... shield their eyes. Please don't watch this while you're baking anything that might fall. Tragically,  once your souffle hears the familiar sound of salty Corn Nuts hitting the tops and sides of a horrifically iced store bought angle food will fall. I can promise you that.

Please don't hate me, for spreading such blasphemy.

There. We all made it out alive....pretty much.

And I feel like a jerk for being mean at Christmas, but.....come on. What she did back there was brutal.

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  1. Wow... are you kidding me??? Your cakes are sooo yummie and you never ever used store bought frosting or pie filling!!!! She's crazier than a shit house rat!! They gave her a show. WTH?