Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankgiving stuffing. I mean stuff.

At the start of November I decided to join in an adorable trend of confessing daily what I was thankful for. Now, those who know me, knew I probably wouldn't stick with it. It's a character flaw, I've never been able to really stick with things. I WANT to. Really, I do. But I just don't do it.

Usually not finishing something makes me giggle and say, "A rainy day." But this is different. I can't save this for a rainy day. All I have is here and now. HERE AND NOW!! So because I feel kind of like a failure, jerk and thankless brat I have decided to redeem myself...in list form. Because list form is my favorite form.

Scholars maintain that the month of November has exactly 30 days in it. For my sins against the pilgrims, the indians and the Santa Maria I will list 30 things I am thankful for. I just wish I was in the right condition to drink for all 30 of them, too. (I keed!)

 I am thankful for my husband. Because even though I have spent countless hours imagining how amazing our fist fights could be, I couldn't imagine my life without him. I think that's why we've never turned to hands-on violence. Because Mr. Potter KNOWS I could take him. That's love, you guys. That's true love.

Mis-rabelle Potter and Rome Nolte Because let's be honest, she's grumpier than Walter Mathou and he looks like an entirely more adorable, younger and less crazier version of that crazy haired Nick Nolte. My kids are my world, I am obsessed with them.

My family. This includes Jason's family that I inherited through marriage. It's not easy being related to us. Because honestly, we're weird. Um, please stop nodding your head, it was a joke...ZING!
 But seriously, we've always received such wonderful support from our family. Having children has just glued us together tighter. We love you guys! 

I have some seriously amazing friends all over this great nation. They say a woman should have about 20 girlfriends and each should be a little different. Thankfully, all of my friends have one very important thing in common...me!  As soon as I start saying things like, "Hey, my elbow was itchy-should I go to the E.R?" 20 women will roll their eyes at me in unison and say, "I think you'll be okay." That's some friendship right there. 

A lot of you might not have known this, but our darling Penny Lane Potter was miserable living in town. We thought the transition would be easy-it was not. So she was adopted and is living the dream! She has acres to run and other dogs to chase, she's in doggy paradise! I'm thankful that "CJ" is taking such good care of her and giving her the belly rubs and Beggin Strips that she can handle. Thank you for the pictures! 

I can't mention one of my furbabies without mentioning the other. Emma Fatface Potter and I have had a lot of  cozy couch time both in the past and recently. She always seems to know when I need somebody to listen and do very little talking. I mean very little talking. Emma, you're the best secret keeper I know. Thank you for matching the new furniture, I was a little worried. ;)

I am thankful for carrots. Not because they are chock full of life expanding provitamins, although that is a wonderful perk. But because I love them. I love them in every form imaginable. whole, baby, cooked, steamed, baked, fried, in a ranch prom dress, with a monocle, off a dirty floor. It doesn't matter to me. I just want your love and your "smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch" carrot flavored KISS. (The artist formerly known as Prince would be okay with this.) 

Coffee. That's 8. 

My four slice toaster. I don't need to justify this, it was heaven sent and it has green lights. That's all you need to know.

The basement dwellers at the courthouse. Those guys know how to make a girl feel special. ;) AND, they have my back when old men openly accuse me of stealing 5 dollar bills, which, I did NOT do. 

Pandora. I don't get that kind of thrill from listening to the radio, there is something so wonderful knowing that it's an entire station of songs you'll "probably" dig. And guess what station, "Toto station" I think adding Chicago to the mix WAS GENIUS!! 

Baby kicks. I wonder if people will wonder why this is so low on the list. I'll tell you why. Because I just got kicked and it reminded me how much I love it. That's why. 

Online shopping. It just doesn't get any better than that. 

Online shopping with other people's money. Ohh man, even better.

I am very, very, very thankful for cranberry sauce...in. a. can. I've tried the rest and I keep coming back to the best. I love that it can be sitting on a shelf for months, opened and transferred to a pretty dish, and always remain cold. HOW DOES IT STAY SO COLD? I'll tell you why, because it fell from heaven. That's a chilly plummet my friends. I would know. 

I am thankful for Lacy Jones. Because even though she is like an animal saving extremist-She has saved a ton of animals. What a thankless job she has. Now that it's getting colder and there are more and more helpless, homeless animals freezing outside, I am thankful that the world has people like her willing to sacrifice so much.  

Car shopping. Man, I love car shopping. I think I'll go car shopping soon.

Christmas. Even though most Christmas songs make me cry, and seeing the snow fall at night makes me cry, and seeing kids sledding makes me cry and watching kids in line waiting for Santa makes me cry..you get the point...I really like Christmas. 

When I sing alone in my car, I still have a microphone. I'm thankful that nobody has seen me singing Pat Benatar into my lip gloss. 

I am thankful for modern medicine and high tech ultrasound mahjiggies. 

A pair of nice fitting slacks.

I am quite thankful for bras that aren't wired in razor blades. Who's with me?! 

Turning a "thankful" list into a "like" list. It's sort of how I roll. Actually, I can't back that up. This is my first thankful-to-like list ever. I had no clue it would go this route. I'm sorry, friends. 

Christopher Columbus and the Pinta` I never was a big fan of the others. 

I'm so thankful that this is number 25, because wow this is hard. In fact, at this point I'm just making things up.

French fries and barbecue sauce. I didn't make that up. That stuff is boss. 

I'm thankful that Jason wraps all of the presents. Because MAN is he going to be busy. 

I'm thankful that you guys love me just as I am...You already know I don't finish things. 

From everybody here at the award winning Potter 4.0 blog we wish you a  HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Remember to eat plenty of canned cranberry sauce, it feeds the soul. 

"smooch, smooch, smooch!"

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