Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The drum roll, please.....

I apologize for making you wait so, so, sooo very long for the results of such a SUPER EXCITING contest.

I'm here now and without further ado I present to thee....the winner.

Congratulations to Jessica N Jason Dilly 
They win a $50 dollar gift certificate to one of my favorite crafty places on Facebook, nay...the WHOLE INTERNET! 

Remember friends to check out Ashbdesign on facebook to see everything she has to offer, you will NOT be sorry!
 I'm getting very excited to find out what the Potter 3 baby will be, because Ashbdesigns WILL be making a little blue or a little pink diaper bag for us. 

Congrats again Jessica N Jason Dilly on your big, fat win! I'm a little jealous. ;) 

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