Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Testing...testing..is this thing on?

Well 8 followers, I know you must be wondering where I've been. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for another riveting post. It's been quite a busy few weeks for the Potter 4.0.
I hope this post find you fat full of turkey or ham or roast beef or mashed potatoes or duck or goose or big mac. I hope everybody had an amazing Christmas and New Year, I know we did!

First, the huge news: The Potter's have bid farewell to my parents basement! After nearly a year of being "the people under the stairs" we have moved into a house of our very own! I mean, it's not ours "legally" but..what does that matter? It's 2010! ....I'm not sure what that means. I guess it means, we're renting.

Both Isabelle and Roman have their very own rooms, we have our very own kitchen, our very own living room, our very own...carpets, doors, stairs, and windows!!

I'm sure as many of you fellow house-jumpers know, it takes time to set-up shop in a new place. I've been without phone *GASP* T.V *GAASP* and...and...INTERNET! *SHRIEK* Even The Pioneer woman doesn't go without Internet!! It's been interesting, but I've had fun doing "old timey" things. Like reading and doing the dishes by hand. I mean, I have a dishwasher but when a person has THAT much time on her hands she might as well use them. Can I get an Amen? Either way, that's the story behind my absence. I'll be surfing the interwebs soon enough, I'm sure.

The last we spoke I told you that we were going to Pittsburgh to meet with God...I mean, Dr. Pollack. I didn't lie, I just rescheduled. We'll be meeting The Savior on the 13th of this quick-moving month. I'm still nervous and chock full of other emotions that I don't think have official names yet, but, I remain hopeful.

Roman and Isabelle ADORE the new house! Roman has so much space to do his thing. He's been a rolling, scooting, sitting champ. In fact, in the short time that we've been there he's mastered the art of sitting up from a laying down position and he can sit with no assistance!
Each time Roman accomplishes something that we've worked hard on, my heart feels a little less heavy. I know Roman has so many challenges ahead of him but this kid is driven!
Isabelle has played such a huge roll in these new accomplishments. I seriously couldn't pick a better sister for him. Most 3 year olds would look at the drooly, hair pulling baby and lose interest quite quickly. Not Isabelle-She could, would and HAS played with her 'dorable brother" for hours. I think my children are teaching me a whole new lesson on love, hope and happiness.
Isabelle loves the new house because the master bathroom has a garden tub in it, except we don't call it that, in the eyes of Isabelle Potter it's, "her pool" And that's fine, I don't care what she calls it, as long as her toes are clean. and boyyyy are those some dirty toes!

I hope we can meet like this again, soon...partner.

Oh, and for those that didn't get my Pioneer Woman reference please visit, www.thepioneerwoman.com trust me, you won't be sorry. This woman's mac and cheese saved my marriage, her stuffing has brought my mother and I closer, her lasagna has made me....well, 15 pounds heavier..but you get the point.

Come visit me, at the edge of the forbidden forrest!

I love you all!

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  1. I cannot believe this letting me post.. Oh and FYI if you have a pool for Izzy, we don't have the same house! Boooo. Love You. JNUS