Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Before anything happens..

Hello from Pittsburgh!!

The day has come, our first meeting with Dr. Pollack. I honestly didn't think I'd be this nervous, but my stomach is all twisty and knotty and sore.
I think I know why, too. You guys remember that I'm a doctor, right? Well, I was reviewing Roman's MRI and I kept noticing things that made me say, "That can't be good." or "This doesn't look right." that's why I'm nervous to the point of collapse.
I started this new doctor journey with such high spirits and I was so proud of myself, but now, meerly one hour from the appointment I got hit with a wave of fear.
Is it mother's intuition preparing me for bad news or is that, like my nerves, also fried?
After the appointment we're going home, I'll update as soon as I can.

I hate being in this hotel room without Isabelle. I miss my girl.
I'm so sad.


  1. Hugs for you. You have every right to be scared, nervous and fried. You are doing the right thing by asking for this second opinion. Whatever becomes of this visit will be a new hurdle to conquer. Big or small you will get through it. Bless you all. Aunt Lori

  2. Aw, I hope that the appointment settled some nerves. It is never any fun meeting a new doctor...especially when you have NO IDEA what they are going to say. Hang in there...thinking of the four of you...