Friday, November 27, 2009

Roman gets a new mohawk!

Yikes. It has been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to update my four, probably already well informed followers about the weeks events.

Let's just start..
Last weekend we noticed that Roman was quite fussy, very sleepy, lost his appetite and then the tell-tale sign, his soft spot was bulging. Monday afternoon we met with our neurosurgeon who confirmed that yes indeed, Roman's shunt was malfunctioning. We knew it could happen, we knew it was coming, we were still very, very sad.

Tuesday evening we walked Roman to the operating room, and even though the surgery was only 20 minutes we were still scared. Our son was going under anesthesia again, our son was getting cut, again!

When we got the call that he was in recovery we couldn't wait to go down and see him. The poor guy had gone several long hours without any food (from 3:30 am to 5:00 pm to be exact) Romy had a little trouble keeping down clear liquids at first but eventually his belly settled down and we could take him back to our room. By 10 PM he drank a bottle, thanked his parents with an adoring grin and slept the whole night through.

In the true spirit of the holiday season Roman's neurosurgeon came in on Wednesday morning and told us that he was signing our discharge papers so we could be home in time for Thanksgiving. Maybe he planned on letting us go anyway, but I'd like to think he stayed up all night at a top secret board meeting fighting for our release! I'm sure he did that. like, totally.

I need to fast forward..
We had a GREAT dinner, Roman loved the mashed potatoes and the cranberry sauce.
Isabelle thought the best meal was...ahem..the BUTTER! WHAT!?
Izzy also told the dinner table that she was very thankful for her friends and family. My little sweety.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We're thankful for so many, many miracles.

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