Wednesday, November 18, 2009

He is Iron man!

Okay, okay..Iron Man IS a bit of a stretch, but I needed a "hook" and now that I've gotcha, you'll understand why I chose that.

We got the news that Roman was going to need AFO's. (ankle foot orthotics) These are his first set of braces. He'll wear them during sleep and while we do our daily PT routines.

We had a few weeks while the insurance hub-bub went through so of course, I used that time to celebrate! Roman is getting braces! He'll be able to stand! My son, standing like a big kid! standing with the rest of them! standing like

I was elated. But then...ohh but then, I started thinking about them, visualizing them on him. All I could see was my little bitty baby weighted down with big metal rods. It was heart-breaking and I am, admittedly, totally intimidated by the AFO's.

Today was step one of two in our AFO journey. We had to get Roman's feet casted so the afo's could be made to fit his feet. AND ONLY HIS FEET! Don't get any ideas Carter James! ahem...anyway, below I have posted some pictures of the days events. Bob, the foot guy, was very nice, very professional. And he said we were a family, which was only creepy at first. He later confirmed that he did not in fact care about us, just the boy. Thanks Bob!

Please excuse the horrible quality, it's a camera...ON MY PHONE! whaaaat?

The doctor will see you now..

Getting inked...

One bucket, one baby.

Ohh dear...It's getting dirty.

Time to cut! I was so scared, mostly because Bob said this part makes him, "Nervous" WHAT!?

Do you see? Do you see why I was weepy?!

All done, Romy has new feets.

Again, excuse the quality. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this camera within a phone within a clock machine. Trippy.

Bob was nice enough to let me pick out some funky colors and designs for the AFO's. Without letting my husband have an option I quickly told Bob that Roman and I wanted a design called, "Party Dino" I guess when we have them, you'll see what that is!

I feel much better now, thanks guys. All four of you.


  1. Great story, It is so nice that you share your story with us. Roman looked very relaxed. I hope he was. Erica and Jason, my hats off to you both. The patients, persistance, determination and most of all the love, you 2 are truely remarkable people. Love, Aunt Lori

  2. I'm a follower now! :) AH, the AFO's. We are right there with ya. I must admit, once they are on, they are pretty much the cutest things ever. I'm looking forward to seeing the "party dino" choice. We had no choice. Just blue velcro...Tell Roman he is a lucky dog. :)