Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A life of fortune.

If you remember, February 10th, 2011 I wrote about a fortune cookie that I had opened two years prior. If you don't remember, stop reading this and go read it here. Then, come back and read this one. Because they kind of go together. Like canned meat and a garbage can. 

Welcome back!

So, that fortune still adorns our fridge. It's still crudely taped and it even gets covered up sometimes. But, it will always be there as a reminder for us. A little fortune of hope. Sometimes when I see it, I remember how happy it's made me and how happy it continues to make me. Even if that's all that little fortune does, isn't that enough? In this crazy world, isn't a millisecond of happiness enough? I think it is. Which is why I've decided to keep it forever. I mean, I've already decided that long ago, but you have no way of knowing that. Unless you already knew that, in which you already know and there is no reason to discuss it anymore. Know what I mean?

Anyway, the reason I've scanned the archives looking for that old post is because I want to add to it. I want to add another fortune! We're very lucky with our fortunes. For me, I don't care if I get one that says I'll get a lot of money, because those ones are fibbing. Trust me on this. You're never going to get a lot of money. Those are fibbing fortunes, pay them no mind! I prefer the fortunes that are a little more philosophical in their predictions. Keep it nice and general so it can apply to nearly anybody and any situation. Those are the ones that I like. Let's go to Chinatown.

On Monday my dad, Roman and myself went to our new hospital. Hershey Medical Center. We met with Roman's new Urologist and discussed some pretty heavy topics. Topics that have weighed very heavy on my shoulders for a very long time. We started a new medicine. A new medicine that I wanted to avoid for as long as we both shall live. Not because I'm against the medicine, I have no major qualms with it. But, because I weirdly liked it when asked, "What medications is your son on?" I could say, "NOT A SINGLE ONE, THANKYOUVERYMUCH!" and then do a little Irish Jig in the office and make a "neener neener neener" face at the nurse. Because I assume that's what adults do. But, now I've got to face the facts; my kid needs medicine. Big boy medicine.

So, while my dad did his best to make our trip fun I still had that familiar weight on my shoulders. I would describe it as somewhere between a stiff neck and when your bra straps are so tight they leave big indents in your shoulders. Whichever one you can relate to, it's kind of like that but also sprinkled in a generous coating of the ever present mommy-guilt. Think, "What did I do so wrong that my kid has to take big boy medicine?" In an effort to lift my spirits and because Roman is a noodle-maniac my dad took us to a Hibachi restaurant. The sushi was not the best I've ever had, and the sesame rolls were filled with, um, well. I just don't know. We ate and Roman got noodles, pizza AND Jell-o. Basically the best culinary combination known to man. When the meal was over the waitress brought our check, some mints and as Chinese Restaurant law dictates; 3 fortune cookies. I opened mine. It said that my heart is my greatest asset. I thought it was my hyena-like cackle that almost always ends in a snort. But, okay. Heart it is. My dad said, "I don't believe in those things" and left his on the table. I handed Roman's cookie to him and explained the process. He broke it open and was mortified to see that somebody had ruined a perfectly good bland cookie by putting a wrinkled piece of scrap paper inside. The nerve!!
So, I explained, "Roman, it's your fortune. let's read it!" I was hoping that it was kid-appropriate and would maybe even be a little funny. Like, "You're still hungry" or "Legos are fun to step on-said no mom ever" But when I flipped it over and read it aloud I had that same feeling that I had when I opened ours 3 years ago. This was meant for him. Roman's first fortune cookie fortune now sits proudly alongside our old one. While many people have their faith to hold onto, we just have our fortune cookie fortunes. I think no matter your source of hope, cherish it.


**In the interest of tradition, I went ahead and snapped this at a goofy camera angle, too. Some might question if this is simply a picture that I posted and had no way of rotating or if I really did have the foresight to remember that I took a funny angled picture in the first blog and kept the theme in the second. Why now, you know a magician never reveals her tricks. It's trendy. Just go with it!

Thank you fortune cookie makers.

Lucky Numbers: 12, 20, 26, 15, 10, 54

(If you happen to win anything using one or all of these numbers there is a small usage fee. 50% of all winnings go to me, to be used in reconstructive foot care as a result of too many middle of the night lego toy foot damage) 

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