Thursday, March 1, 2012

This is your captain speaking.

A while ago I had announced that I would run a marathon to raise money for The Spina Bifida Association. When I wrote that, I was really sure that I was going to do it. As it became more and more clear that training for the marathon was a REALLY hard thing to do (for me) I started making excuses. "I don't need to run this thing, I'll just jog. That's easier to train for." which was followed by, "There is no rule saying I can't just walk the whole marathon." Which led to,  " I don't need the best time. I just need to finish."  For a while these excuses worked for me. But, they aren't anymore. Running a marathon is not right for me. Not right now. But, I still want to do my share in raising money for my favorite organization and awareness for a condition so dear to me. 

I don't want to just "get it over with." Not when it comes to the Spina Bifida Association (SBA) When I had Roman I skimmed every inch of their website. Sometimes when I looked I would imagine that there was  a "How to cure it" section. Other times I would read it, find hope and inspiration and say, "Psh. We can do this."

The SBA is an amazing organization. They provide tons of information for both adults with SB and parents to children with SB. They publish their own magazine that highlights new medical advancements, new equipment and almost always a superstar with SB. Also, every year the SBA hosts it's National Conference. This is the "Super Bowl" of events in the SB community. It's filled with seminars, vendors, exhibits, Kids Camp and Adult Day. Not to mention tons of other educational sessions to keep us up-to-date in the ever advancing world of all things Spina Bifida. I believe the SBA is leading the way to making life with SB easier for those that have it, while spreading awareness to educate those that don't understand it. I believe the SBA is working hard to see that fewer and fewer babies are born with this condition. 

The SBA has so many fun and unique fundraisers. Every year my husband and I buy a ticket to win a new car that they give away. (Usually a brand new Volkswagen!!) The SBA Walk n Roll, 100 Nights of Parties and my personal favorite..The 4b4the4th.
This will be my second year as "Team Captain" for this fundraiser. It really is SO much fun! Basically my job as team captain is to encourage 4, 14, 44 or 444, of my closest friends to donate $4.44, $14.44, $44.44 or $444.44 to the SBA before the 4th of July. Last year my "team" (you guys)  raised an amount of money that made me incredibly happy and proud. This year, I want to raise so much money that my head spins.

That's where you come in..

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That link will take you to the donation page. 

And, in case I didn't drive my point home. 
In case you need some extra incentive.
In case you were wondering...

This little boy has Spina Bifida. 
He, and thousands of children and adults like him need your help. 
Please donate and please encourage your family and friends to do the same. 


  1. This is an awesome call to action.

  2. Love what you are doing, and spreading the info and sharing !