Friday, October 28, 2011


The funny thing about running, jogging or even walking fast  is that the people who like them-do them. The people who don't like to do them...don't do them!
It's not like taxes, where everybody hates them but still does them. or even drinking water, which these days everybody seems to hate but we still say, "Oh, I haven't drank any water is 4 days-I'd better do that now."
People never say, "Ya know what? I haven't jogged for 5 miles in...ever. I think I'll pencil that in on Monday."

With that, I have a secret to share..It's kind of a doozy, so I hope you're sitting down. Are you ready? Here it is...I am not a runner.
There, now we BOTH feel better.

I'm not a runner or much of a walker, most days I don't even make my own coffee and when straightening my hair I usually just don't do the back, because my arms get tired. Yes, the secret is out. I am incredibly lazy. In fact, I take laziness to a whole new level. In fact, laziness is an art to me. In fact, I am...VERY lazy.

So, I've been thinking insanely dangerous thoughts like, "I should limit my sugar intake." and "I should move my body more." and, "I should incorporate more color into my wardrobe." This line of thinking is dangerous because I get on the "dream big" boat and do rash things-like sign up to run a half marathon in exotic places and pledge to raise a butt load of money.

And, well, um, that's exactly what I did.

September 2, 2012 (309 days away)
I am going to run a half marathon.  I'll run for Spina Bifida. I'll run because my son can't. I'll run because one block is a marathon for Roman. I'll run because I've never done it. I'll run because it's a good thing to do and I'll run because I'm going to tell myself that there is something very big chasing me.

-How long is a half marathon? It's exactly one million miles, cut in half and divided by two.

-How are you training for the marathon? So far, I've made my own coffee 3 times this week and once I even got up and got the remote myself. My husband has never felt so useless.

-How does your family/friends feel about this giant life altering decision? It's been met with a lot of mixed feelings. One person said, "You'll kill yourself" whiles others have said, "You don't even like to get the mail." Only one person was quoted as saying, "Who are you and why are you calling me?" So, I feel pretty good about that.

Aside from the one word questions like, "Really?" and "Umm, you..?" I haven't had a lot of questions, but I'm sure some more will arise as the marathon grows nearer.

Silliness aside, please expect me to hound you for donations. It's not for my eventual hospitalization, but for a much greater cause-Spina Bifida.

I'll need more deodorant...


  1. You're funny ... and maybe a little crazy.

  2. Good luck!!! Geez, I did a 5k and that was a big deal, but it seems like a trip to the mailbox compared to a half marathon! ;) Whenever I run (which I do not enjoy) I think those exact thoughts: I'm doing this because he can't. I CAN therefore, I should.