Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spaghetti: The Facts! (surprise ending!!)

Here's a question for ya, how much could spaghetti evolve over the years? I'm willing to bet its noodliness, taste and color have stayed the same since....prehistoric times. Yeah, I went that far. 

The thing that makes "sketty" so diverse is that it is, so diverse. 

I'm so poetic. 

Instead of me trying to weirdly tell you what I love about sketty, I thought I would just use bullets. Sketty Bullets.
  • Everybody makes sketty differently. None are as good as mine. 
  • Nearly 9 trillion people love sketty, the others aren't born yet. 
  • Tiger Woods retired from golfing because he couldn't take spaghetti on the green with him.  
  • Bono and "the other guys" take sketty to skettyless regions of the world and teach children the art of "fork twirling." 
  • Sketty is just as good with meatballs as it is without. You can not say that about many foods. "I don't know why they call it hamburger helper, I think it does just fine on it's own." -Cousin Eddie
  • Popeye did NOT put spinach in his sketty, claiming that he would rather endure the beating of a lifetime from Bluto then to compromise the taste of his beloved sketty. 
These are all true statements, and to contest them would be against the law. Sketty law.

Clearly I love spaghetti for many reasons, it's low cost and quick prep time make it a lazy moms dream dinner!  
The one thing I love most about spaghetti though, the reason for this blog, the reason I got off my duff and put batteries in the camera is this....

Mr. Potter loves it 
(That is the closest thing to a smile he will give.)

First born Potter loves it. 
in regards to smiles: Second verse, same as the first! 

He eats it shirtless and with a casual attitude towards aim. 

TWIST,  I don't really care for spaghetti. I'd rather have buttered noodles and buttered bread with butter and some butter sauce with butter topping and butter stuffed butter ....butter. 

Butter, regardless of my opinions on it, I love spaghetti night at the Potter house. So much so that I had to share our fun sketty night with you. Because I love butter, my family, and you. 

In butter we trust! 


  1. I trust in butter too. Amen.

    Love the skettiness and it's all so true. Cute pictures. :)


    It made my soul happy.