Sunday, May 9, 2010

I told you NO wire hangers.

In honor of Mother's Day I am going to take a step in a different direction and NOT talk about myself, my husband, my kids or my cat for a moment. (Upon re-reading this, I have found a way!)
I'm going to talk about...My mommy pox.
I don't know why I call her "mommy pox" It's just a name I used to call her when I was a wee young reekie and it kind of stuck, much like my "reekie-bug" title dubbed by her.

My mommy pox is the epitome of fun, the face of compassion and has instilled in me life's most important
She also doesn't care for the cheesy stuff and neither do I. ;)

Dear Mom,
 Things always seem to be so chaotic in our house, and even in our day to day life! I think because we're always so caught up in work and appointments and kids flying through the air that we've come to appreciate our coffee chats even more, in fact, I think we've grown to need them.

 I wish I were skilled enough, wordy enough and had the resources to write a book on why you being my mom rocks. But, I don't. I have a blog, with a few faithful readers who probably already know that without my mom, I really would crumble into a pile of ash and coffee beans.

 I am not storming Washington with my political views, or saving sick babies in an operating room. I'm not curing diseases or defending the innocent, in fact, I don't even rinse the dishes before I heave them into the dishwasher. But, I'm a mom and though it may not be making a huge impact on this world, it's the job I was destined for-Because of you. Because you did such a good job, because you made it look so easy and so fun.You weren't lying either, I'm having a blast, and I'm lucky, proud and honored to say that I "got it all from my momma"

When Isabelle was born, I knew nothing about anything. I had a little girl swimming in a bouquet of pink and lace and if she looked at the ceiling fan too long I was a nervous wreck. You talked me down. Like a good mommy pox should. Looking back, you were always there, everywhere I turned there you were. I might have been annoyed at the time, "Jeez, she must think I'm really horrible." But in retrospect I'm totally thankful. Where would I be without you?
When Roman was born, and he and I were so far from home in the part of the hospital where nobody wants their kid to be you called me, and you said, "I know Roman is okay, he has amazing doctors doting on him, but you're all alone and I'm just worried about you." I felt so selfish at the time, "I'm not the one who is about to have surgery" But, emotionally I was screaming, "THANK YOU..THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!"
Mom, that's why you rock. Because you say what needs to be said, before I even know that I need to hear it. Everything I am, is because of you and I can't thank you enough.

I love you mom.
Happy Mommypox Day!


  1. Erica you are the most amazing Mom that I know. You also have the most amazing Mom in the world and I am so treasured to have both of you in my life. Thank you both for who you are. Love you guys Suanne

  2. You made me cry!! You are both so very amazing!! So honored to have had the opportunity to meet you!