Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jason and the vlog ;)

Good evening friends! We apologize for the long, daunting wait that we've put you through. In the video blog, or "vlog" if you will, you will notice a couple of things.

First, I am nowhere to be found. This is because today I got hit with quite a yucky stomach bug and just wasn't feeling pretty, or talkative, or much like standing, or walking. The second thing you'll notice is the video contains no children. This is because Isabelle was hitting the paint pretty hard and was in no condition to be on camera. You see, the paint was red, and covered her arm...and I don't need people in suits knocking on my door. Roman stayed inside where it's not as windy, because in case you haven't heard he has another double ear infection.

Now, what you WILL see is my husband drawing a winner. Because he said to me, "People are looking forward to a video blog, Erica." and then ended his speech with, "Okay...I'll do it." So here is Mr. Jason Potter, saving the day and announcing the winner. Boo Mrs. Potter, Hooray Mr. Potter


Congrats Heather!! I think you're going to LOVE the prize! Oh that's right, what did you win? A lifetime supply of adult sized crocs!! Oh wait, that's not it. It's a personalized necklace from our friends at urbanupcycling.blogspot.com!

Check it out! http://urbanupcycling.blogspot.com/2010/01/personalized-spina-bifida-awareness.html

Heather, just e-mail me with your shipping address and the name (or word) you would like on your necklace! Congrats again!

Thanks to everybody who entered! We had so much fun and we're so thankful you all played along with us! Also, you guys really hate crocs....I beg you to check out the website. Just sayin'


  1. I must admit there's something comforting in knowing that Jason Potter "enthusiasm" hasn't changed a bit... lol!

  2. Just happened upon your blog. Very cute.