Thursday, April 22, 2010

Belated Birthday Blog

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?!

I have taken such an enormous amount of time to update you guys on such a huge event that I am actually just downright ashamed of myself. For what it's worth, I've sent myself to bed early every night this week.
 As we all know, mostly from the sight of me doing back flips and my tear-jerking, friend-losing, "Why did you do that to me" previous post...Roman is ONE!!
I started to take it "there" to that sad place, that "writing while crying place." But after the last time I can't do that to myself again and I certainly can't do it to you.

So, with that - LET'S PARTY!!

Our party started off with only a few hiccups, when it was time to serve the food the sub platters came with absolutely no "fixins" So my heroic brother and his super speedy car whizzed off down the road to get them. Thanks for saving the day, Ryan! Without you, we'd have no pickles, *gasp* no lettuce *GASP* and TOMATOES!!! *FAINT*

 That was hiccup one, I don't think many people noticed because the house was literally swarming with babies. Babies here, babies there, babies wearing underwear., they were wearing diapers.
The next hiccup was from me, myself and I. About the same time that I announced it was time for cake and ice cream I realized something big...something horrible, something no mother, wife, daughter, or cousin twice removed should ever, ever forget at a birthday party....

.....Plastic cutlery. 

My Aunt, my sister-in-law and I feverishly served cake and ice cream with my fine target purchased bendable silverware. Aunt Sandy cut cake, I scooped ice cream and Danielle washed, dried and served the completed dessert. 

So you see, The day was perfect because it went without any tantrums, explosions, or crying fits, even the kids behaved!!
Now, surely you don't want to hear me yammer on about cutlery and the great tomato birthday famine of 2010? No, you want pictures. I know you want pictures.
This is Gavin and Carter playing happily on the floor.

In all, the day was amazing, we had so many friends and family show up to party hardy with the Potter's. Thank you, thank you for everything you've done for us.

As a thanks, we'd like to share a few things we learned that day:

Sometimes a pit bull can attend a party and just be cute, and not murderous. HMP! Who knew?!

Balloons will always, always be a kids favorite thing.

Subway platters: Save you time, save you money, save you dishes (Unless you forget forks...Do NOT forget forks)

Once you become a mother, you should really just stop trying to dance. Just don't do it.

If you just turned one and you're not really crazy about opening presents, ask a friend. They will line up to help you!

And lastly, our biggest lesson of all....Next year we will party at Pizza Hut!

Thanks to all of our friends,  family and our online friends who have supported us through the year. We couldn't have done it without you!!

Also, as if this wasn't long enough, if you have any pictures of the super awesome day, please send them to me. ;) 


  1. I enjoyed this post very much! Having raised five kids myself, I remember many birthday parties where I actually forgot the candles! You did well! Patrice Wheaton

  2. Cam and I had fun! Funny story - remember that balloon that Cam HAD to have, the one that he begged Jason to blow up with that fancy helium stuff? Well, after the party, he and I went grocery shopping and before that, we went to Arby's to grab something to eat. Well, my parents also thought Arby's was a good place for some grub. Anyway....I saw them and they ended up coming over to see us, I rolled down Cam's window and out the balloon went. So all of Jason's hard work out the window, literally.

    Thanks for having us. I'm so happy to be apart of your lives. I love those kids right to pieces. Happy birthday (again) Mr. Roman.