Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poop Cereal

Welcome back! If you’ve just drunkenly stumbled in this is my third….yes, THIRD blog installment! You and me are makin history!
Now, as Thanksgiving quickly approaches I have been thinking in great detail of people who I am thankful for. I CAN’T blog about that, In my life and the last 6 months of it especially, I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people. From Roman’s neurosurgeon to that lady at the festival who gave Izzy those bath salts. I’m truly, genuinely thankful.
But today, I want to send out a very special thanks. If you’re looking around and see that things look girly and adorable and super duper html’ed. (that’s not a word, don’t check.) My new friend, Adam Zimmer came home from TWO of his three jobs and stayed up super late to do this for me.
Thank you Adam! You’re so kind to me.
I really, really can’t thank you enough.

Now, why such a crude title?
Hilarious back story...because, I'm a hilarious back story teller...
To work his magic, Adam needed my super top secret username/password.

I actually said, "Sounds risky. Can I trust you?"
I really thought my third ever blog post would say, "Erica eats poop cereal"

I've been pranked a lot, I don't want to talk about it.

It turns out, Adam CAN be trusted. And I'm once again VERY thankful.

Maybe this is a stretch...but...he's kind of like...


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